Give me this mountain,
This Land is Mine.

From the Victory Song, written by CEO Dr. Sterling Lands, II

Saturday, February 3, 2024 @ 9:00 a.m.
Classes Begin


We envision Character Centered Servant Warrior Leaders of high integrity committed to building and maintaining character centered families and character centered communities.


Our mission is to develop Character Centered Servant Warrior Leaders of high integrity committed to building and maintaining character centered families and character centered communities.


  1. Character Development
  2. Competency Enhancement
  3. Attitude Development
  4. Discipline Enhancement
  5. Culture Awareness
  6. Faith Development

Greater Calvary Rites of Passage, Inc.

Welcome to the Character Centered Servant Warrior Leader Rites of Passage Process.

This process is Character Centered, Family Focused, Truth informed, Holy Spirit Lead, Word Inspired, and authentic.

The CCSWL Process is proactive. It is based on timeless truth that addresses the character development needs of young males and females from 5 years old through 17 years old.


Youth graduating from the Greater Calvary Rites of Passage are awarded scholarships based on points earned during their time in the process. 95% of GCROP graduates have either graduated from college/university or are enrolled in college/university.

Greater Calvary has awarded over $50,000 in awards and scholarships. These scholarships have enabled GCROP graduates to pursue and obtain degrees that allow them to achieve their dreams of being teachers, engineers, nurses, accountants, professional artists, working in the medical field, performing artists, fashion design and entrepreneurship.

Greater Calvary Rites of Passage not only provides academic scholarships but also provides cultural excursion scholarships. These scholarships allow youth who would not otherwise be able to experience their cultural heritage outside of Austin, the opportunity to travel and visit historical sites in cities, states and countries around the world. GCROP youth have traveled to Ghana West Africa, Winnipeg Canada, Memphis, Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia, and New York to name a few.

Graduate Zemirah L

Entered:2008 Exit: 2021

Having had many tests and lessons which were designed to develop our character. We have come of age and are ready to assume the responsibilities of young adulthood.

Graduate Mariah R

Entered:2008 Exit: 2021

Please join us in a ceremony that will mark and celebrate our transition from childhood to adulthood.

Graduate Nathan S

Entered:2008 Exit: 2021

Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

6510 Berkman Dr. Austin, TX 78723

Since 1989: Organizing Year

To date we have never had a teen pregnancy. That means none of the female cadets got pregnant or male cadets impregnated any female during their grade school, middle school or high school years through age 18.

To date all graduating cadets have graduated from high school and over 50% have completed schools of higher learning or are currently enrolled in schools of higher learning.


Our Headquarters is loacated at

6510 Berkman Drive. Austin, TX 78723

Office Phone: 512-454-6170 | Fax: 512-302-9806


Founder, CEO: Dr. Sterling Lands, II

Richard Lands, Male Passages (ages 11-18)
Kristoffer Lands, Male Progress (ages 5-10)
Dr. Mary Thomas, Female Passages (ages 11-18)
Kiamesha Lands, Female Progress (ages 5-10)


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